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We welcome you to experience the magic and luxury of high-quality diamonds and jewelry. Enjoy our carefully selected collection of diamonds, gemstones and fine jewelry pieces.

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Our Story

Royal Diamonds Amsterdam

For us, at Royal Diamonds Amsterdam, premium service is only the beginning. We create an atmosphere that goes above and beyond, to enhance a luxury experience for our customers.

Passion is an understatement when we seek to create the best quality jewelry, that reflects the aesthetics and lifestyles of our customers. We believe that jewelry is more than just an accessory; it’s a timeless reflection of style and personality.

We provide expert guidance to help you discover the jewel of your dreams.

Custom Jewelry

Your story, our passion

With keen eye for detail and 16 years of quality craftmanship experience, we can make your dreams a reality. You can design your own jewel!

Our devoted staff will take time to listen to your wishes and desires. They will guide you throughout the whole process, resulting in a piece that is unique and personal to you.

Custom jewelry

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Our collection

Be amazed by our carefully selected collection of premium jewelry, featuring the most beautiful natural diamonds and gemstones from around the world.
Whether you are looking for timeless classics or unique, contemporary pieces, you will find it at Royal Diamonds Amsterdam.

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The Royal Lady

The Royal Lady is the star of every show. It features an extraordinary number of 268 facets, creating an exceptional brilliance.

The Royal Lady is a patented diamond and exclusively sold at Royal Diamonds Amsterdam.

About the Royal Lady

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Customer Stories

Every customer is unique and their experience is important to us. Read what our customers are saying about Royal Diamonds Amsterdam and their experience at our custom design jewelry shop.

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I am overjoyed with the custom-made tricolor wedding rings that we ordered for our special day! The process of designing these rings was an absolute delight, as the jeweler took our vision and turned it into a reality that exceeded our expectations.

Wedding bands

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A heartfelt thank you to RDA's team for making our dream rings a reality. The level of care, expertise, and dedication that went into creating these pieces is truly extraordinary. They will forever be cherished as a symbol of our love story and the commitment we've made to each other.

Engagement rings

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Working with the team was amazing and the end product and quality of the work shows through. The Opal we selected together is just beautiful. Thanks again! Can't wait to wear it.

Opal Pendant

Our features

At Royal Diamonds Amsterdam, your satisfaction goes far beyond the moment of purchase. That’s why we give a lifetime Tender Loving Care (TLC) service for your jewelry.

You’re always welcome to visit our store to get your jewels cleaned and polished, to ensure it remains as beautiful as the day you purchased it.

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